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The law is one of the tools advancing digital accessibility in the United States. In this session, taught by a leading disability rights lawyer, we will review recent legal developments protecting the civil rights of disabled people to access digital content. Up-to-date news about accessibility court decisions, Structured Negotiation settlements, laws, and regulations will be shared. Great strides toward increased accessibility were made during the Obama administration by the Departments of Justice and Education and other federal agencies. By AccessU in May we will have a sense of what the new administration will be doing. Whatever your role in accessibility — designer, developer, manager, site owner, consultant, content provider, +++ — it is important to be familiar with the legal landscape. We can all learn to talk about the law in a straight forward way that recognizes the core rights of disabled people to access websites, mobile applications, kiosks, and all things digital. The law need not be a hammer or a threat (though of course it can be). The law can help motivate companies, schools, and public agencies to be proactive about accessibility. Plenty of time for questions.


Lainey Feingold


May 17th, 2017


8:30 am-10:00 am

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Business Strategy



Take Aways

  • Confidence in talking about the law as it affects accessibility
  • Knowledge about how to advocate for accessibility using law as a motivator, not a hammer
  • Understanding of the civil rights aspects of digital accessibility
  • Fluency in recent settlements, court orders, federal and state laws impacting accessibility in both the public and private sector (including education)
  • How to find and keep up with legal resources impacting accessibility


Room TH 104

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