Accessible Microsoft Office: Excel 2010/2013

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This session will focus on understanding what makes Microsoft Excel (2010) data tables and charts accessible, and will include demonstrations of assistive technologies with Excel. Making Excel documents accessible ultimately improves usability for everyone, making them easier to read, access information quickly, and manage over time.

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Discussion topics will include:
– Analyzing various data tables for accessibility.
– Analyzing various charts for accessibility.
– Different ways to remove accessibility barriers in Excel documents.

This is hands-on class on how to create and fix Microsoft Excel 2010 or 2013 files so they are accessible for people with disabilities. The lecturer will review with participants considerations for keyboard only users, users who require screen magnification, users who have low vision or who are colorblind, screen reader users, and users with cognitive load issues. The session will cover how to create accessible tables, charts, and document structure for multi-sheet or complex Excel documents. Participants will learn to work with simple Excel files and as the class progresses, demonstrations and exercises will explore additional complexities and considerations. Participants will work on a set of exercise files, then review them and lessons learned with live demonstrations.


Richard Steinberg


May 18th, 2017


2:15 pm-3:45 pm

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  • In order to create accessible Excel documents, students will need to have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
  • For attendees who are simply testing documents for accessibility, a cursory knowledge of Excel would suffice.

Take Aways

  • Knowledge of accessible tables in Excel
  • Knowledge of accessible charts in Excel
  • Knowledge of how to create an accessible document structure for multi-sheet or complex Excel documents


Room TH 205

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