Accessible mobile app development (iOS and Android)

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Mobile devices provide a great platform where accessibility is concerned, driving innovation, making assistive technology more affordable, and helping us to easily empathise with people who use assistive technology. This session will teach you how to build for accessibility using the most mature mobile development platforms available: iOS and Android. Get your apps leading the way to a more accessible experience for everyone:

1. Overview of iOS’s UIAccessibility protocol
2. Accessibility in Xcode and Interface Builder
3. Overview of the Android accessibility API
4. Code walk-throughs in Xcode and Android Studio showing how to implement accessibility for some common design patterns
5. Verifying accessible implementations


Jon Gibbins


May 19th, 2017


8:30 am-5:30 pm (Full Day Post Conference)

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BYO Laptop Session


Dev / Coding


A working understanding of Xcode or Android Studio, and developing apps for iOS or Android.

Take Aways

How accessibility should be built into iOS using Swift in Xcode 8 and into Android apps using Android Studio, and how to verify an accessible implementation.


Room TH 104

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