Accessibility Testing Tools for Developers

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You don’t have to be an accessibility expert to make your projects accessible, but you do have to make your projects accessible.

Identifying accessibility issues as early as possible can save an organization or project a substantial amount of money, time, and headaches over trying to augment a web site or application after initial development. Using a testing tools during development for accessibility will definitely help with this process.

For developers that are novice to web accessibility this presentation is a great introduction into key aspects to consider while developing. For developers that are more familiar, this presentation exposes tools that will make accessibility easier. All users will gain from learning how to build accessibility into their development workflow using a variety of testing tools, from simple to intricate.


Gerard Cohen


May 17th, 2017


10:15 am-11:45 am

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Dev / Coding


Basic web developement, e.g. HTML, CSS, JS

Take Aways

  • All attendees will learn about tools that can be incorporated into various stages of their daily development workflow.
  • For beginners to accessibility, this course will expose basic principles, e.g. well-formed markup, keyboard access, focus management, and color contrast.
  • Intermediate/ advanced users will be inspired by the idea of automating a collection of tests via an experiment with incorporating these tools into an end-t0-end testing platform.


Room TH 215

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