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What does my donation fund?

Child with braided hair and using a wheelchair talking to a woman.

All gifts help build the reach of our community programs and no gift is too small to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

Wonder what Knowbility can accomplish with your support? Here are just a few examples:

  • Your gift of $1000 allows us to caption a full day of AccessU workshops and classes, ensuring access for all to online training.

  • A contribution of $750 can distribute the K12 Access Toolkit empowering parents and teachers to choose assistive technology, use more inclusive teaching methods, and ensure all kids have access to the curriculum.

  • $500 gift provides an AccessU scholarship for a disabled or financially struggling student, helping them to pursue a career in digital accessibility.

  • $250 donation provides mentoring and support to a non-profit organization learning about digital accessibility as a recipient of an AIR website.

  • $100 donation funds the participation of a user with disability in a product usability study, providing income and valuable user experience data.

  • Your $50 donation registers a college student in the Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) where they learn accessible design techniques while helping a nonprofit organization.

Gifts of any amount can be dedicated to building out Knowbility's Learning Center – an online library of digital accessibility classes for people in all roles; to building partnerships with other disability rights organizations to bring usability testing opportunities to people with disabilities of all kinds; and to produce free online community events that raise awareness and build solidarity behind the powerful idea of equal access for all.

Thank you!