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  1. Checking 3rd Party Vendors’ Product Accessibility

    by Nicolas Steenhout

    You are looking at acquiring a new system for your site. You know it needs to be accessible, but you don’t know much about accessibility - and you aren’t really a “techie.” How can you improve your chances of procuring an accessible product from a 3rd party vendor? The reality...

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  2. Our 2019 in Review!

    by Jayne Cravens

    It has been another banner year of amazing accomplishments at Knowbility. We are working for digital inclusion and equal access to online spaces for people with disabilities, and we are evolving right along with the technology and accessible website design techniques! There are three pillars support Knowbility’s mission: awareness, education,...

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  3. Being a World’s Greatest Flyer with a Screen Reader

    Accessible airline websites make travel better for everyone. It’s been quite the busy year travel wise, and I’ve had my fair share of online booking experiences. My travel included business trips to Boston, Chicago, and Austin, plus a fun, first-time ski trip to Colorado. In recent years airline websites have...

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  4. Accessibility Roadshow

    This spring, Knowbility had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Salesforce’s Service Cloud in raising awareness about web accessibility. We presented activations at the World Tour in Boston and Connections 2019 in Chicago. Becky Gibson, Senior Accessibility Strategist, and I demoed websites and talked accessibility and digital inclusion at both...

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  5. Using a Screen Reader on the new relaunched with a new look and feel on July 15th. Aiming to be more responsive on desktop, the website simulates a progressive web app. As with any major change on the web, there will be supporters and those who wish that the social media platform would #BringBackLegacyTwitter. One aspect...

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