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Jessica “Jay” McKay

Director of Community Programs, Knowbility

Jay is an Assistive Technology Expert with a keen understanding of the importance of accessibility. She has history of organizing and leading activities to ensure social justice and quality of life for students and adults with disabilities. For sixteen years in the K-12 setting, Jay worked with instructional technologists, school administrators and local government officials to develop resources for general and special education teachers. Among those resources were trainings, workshops and multimedia materials for individual, campus, and district audiences on a range of topics: Universal Design for Learning, Best Practices in Evaluation and Assessment, Accessible Educational Materials, Assistive Technology and Accessibility. She currently serves as an advisory member for the National Center for Accessible Educational Materials, the Center on Inclusive Technology & Educational Systems, and the State Leaders of Assistive Technology in Education. Jay holds a Master of Science Degree in Assistive Technology and Human Services from California State University Northridge having previously attained a Bachelor of Music: Music Therapy from University of Evansville.