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Eric Eggert

Accessibility Testing Team Lead & Web Accessibility Expert

Eric Eggert is a Web Developer turned Accessibility Expert. While studying Media Informatics at the University of Vienna, Austria, he discovered his passion for accessibility. His personal blog can be found at and he’s on Twitter as yatil.

  • 2005: Joining the W3C1 HTML52 Working Group
  • 2009: Contributing to W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative’s Before and After Demo
  • 2009: Contributor to the official translation of WCAG3 to German, on behalf of Accessible Media
  • 2010: Golden BIENE Award for Accessibility, carried out as a small non-profit community project in Essen/Germany
  • 2011: Co-founder of web design and consulting agency “outline”
  • 2013: Consultant for W3C WAI4, working on several projects, including:
  • 2016: Consultant for Knowbility, with 50% of the time as a “W3C Fellow”
    • Working on teaching, advising and assessing for web accessibility
    • Some technical and design work around Knowbility properties
    • W3C/WAI Website redesign work
    • Contributing to several W3C/WAI resources
  1. World Wide Web Consortium 

  2. Hyper Text Markup Language 

  3. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 

  4. Web Accessibility Initiative