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Accessibility Specialist

Knowbility is seeking an Accessibility Specialist – an entry level accessibility professional with a basic understanding of web accessibility – to evaluate and report digital accessibility issues according to the Knowbility method.  We have a strong team that takes a collaborative approach, helping a variety of external clients understand accessibility barriers and supporting them as they remediate websites and applications. 


This position reports to the Director of Accessibility Services and works collaboratively with the Accessibility Services Team. The overarching goal of the Accessibility Specialist is to help Knowbility clients better understand why and how to make their web sites and applications accessible to people of all abilities. To achieve this goal, this position has the following duties:

  • Provide WCAG 2.0/2.1 assessments (audits) for Knowbility-led client engagements.

  • Collaborate with the Knowbility team via meetings, phone calls, internal messaging tools, and other methods at regular intervals as necessary.

  • Communicate with clients on behalf of, and in concert with, Knowbility team members to ensure knowledge transfer during and after audits is complete.

  • Provide input and assistance, when needed, to improve Knowbility practices, processes, and knowledge.

  • Contribute to the development of Knowbility knowledge base, and participate in teaching and outreach that may include:

    • Delivering audit results to clients in an instructive workshop format

    • Participating in the delivery of online training as scheduled and conceived by the team

    • Participating in Knowbility’s own annual AccessU training conference

    • Submitting accessibility talks to tech conferences

    • Contributing to the Knowbility blog

Minimum Qualifications

Demonstrable experience is required in these areas:

  • Understanding of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and 2.1, as well as Authoring Tools Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) and User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG)

  • Familiarity with common methods of evaluating digital products for accessibility

  • Basic web design and development skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)

  • A strong command of the English language in written and verbal communications

  • Ability to travel (occasionally based on client need)

  • Proactive and motivated team player with excellent interpersonal skills

  • Demonstrated personal work habits of self-initiation and attention to detail

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience providing technical trainings, presentations and support

  • Assistive technology expertise, particularly with common screen readers


Starting pay range is $48,000–$60,000 annually and can be negotiated higher based on qualifications and experience. This is a full-time permanent professional position. We support remote work, or welcome you in our office in Austin, TX. Our excellent benefits package includes:

  • Health, dental and vision insurance fully paid by the company and beginning immediately upon hire

  • 401K contribution up to 4% of salary

  • 12 paid holidays and 10 paid vacation days annually

Applicants must be able to legally work in the US and if offered the position must pass a background check.