2016 Knowbility Year End Donation Drive

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This season we hope you will consider supporting Knowbility with a year-end gift to support accessible technology that gives millions of people with disabilities improved access to economic, educational and social opportunities.

Ensuring that everyone can learn, secure a job, and be independent despite an impairment or disability is not only our mission, but our passion. Life is busy. We’re all busier as we’re all more connected than ever. Schools are increasingly moving away from traditional schoolbooks, most businesses are now computerized and government agencies are conducting day-to-day business online. The digital world is a requirement to function in daily life.

Your tax deductible gift is meaningful to you will help continue to bring accessibility to the forefront. We know that together we can create universal access and independence.
For any gift over $500 you will receive an accessible rubik’s cube!

2016 Year End Drive – Knowbility Donations